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This website features thousands of photographs of Shri Mataji taken between 1970 and 2008.

This is a curated collection. The photos are grouped by year, place, puja, theme and topic.

You can also search* using any descriptive tag, puja or place name.

In addition to the photos, there is an archive of pages from The Divine Cool Breeze magazine.

Each month a new magazine will be added. This is your free online subscription.

You can now search,* read and download The Divine Cool Breeze.

* Note: search result will not include items in password-protected galleries. To ensure good results, move beyond passworded entries before searching.

If you wish to download a photograph or magazine page, use the download icon at the lower right when viewing a single image.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please CONTACT US.

You can start your Divine Cool Breeze tour on the HOMEPAGE, where you can choose to browse the MAGAZINES or the PHOTOGRAPHS.

Don't miss the PORTRAIT galleries, EVENTS, PUJAS or PLACES. Or deep in the archives: UNSORTED GEMS.

On the magazine side, there is more than just The Divine Cool Breeze.

THE SEEKER is a magazine for the public. EVERY DAY offers Shri Mataji's words from each day of the year.

And Divine Cool Breeze SPECIAL TOPICS is just that: DCB pages gathered together on single topics.

You can also upload your own photos of Shri Mataji or see what others have added in the DCB COLLECTIVE GALLERIES.

And there is more from The Divine Cool Breeze:

      SAHAJA YOGA BOOKS including fiction and children's books

      TWENTY ESSENTIAL TALKS from Shri Mataji


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